Friday, 17 February 2017

Butter Chicken Virgin

Amboi tajuk. Saja nak poyo skit, sebab selama hidup 34 tahun lebih ni, tak pernah masak butter chicken, so bebaru ni disebabkan teringin nak order si Sue Anna Joe punya butter chicken tapi takleh nak order sbb by the time nak order tu mmg tgh cuti kat rumah, so baik la buat sendiri dulu.

Bila google tgk tak susah sgt resepi dia. Selepas bertarung hampir setengah jam di dapur maka terhasillah homemade butter chicken.

1. Bawang Putih dicincang halus
2. tepung gandum
3. telur
4. susu pekat (1 sudu sudah. kalau suka manis sila tambah ikut selera sendiri)
5. ayam ketul potong sederhana atau kecil
6. butter

1. ayam dicelup dalam telur, pastu celup dalam tepung sebelum digoreng
2. goreng ayam sampai masak. jgn kering sangat nanti tak best.
3. tumis bawang putih dgn butter
4. masukkan susu pekat, biar sampai mendidih skit.
5. masukkan ayam yg digoreng tadi dgn daun kari
6. gaul2 kejap dan boleh angkat dah.

ha senang tak senang la kan. boleh buat lagi dan lagi sebab sedap gak pun. dulu penah masak ketam salted egg yolk tapi tak berapa puas hati sgt sbb mcm kering. tapi kali ni masak butter ciken ayam ni rasa puas hati sbb senang dan sedap. berapa kali nak cakap sedap ntah.

PS: on another note, Im already in my 36 weeks of pregnancy, and baby is already in its position, headlock. braxton hicks comes every now and then, i think he's already preparing for birth, while  I AM NOT! HAHHAA adoi lah. I think the raspberry leaf tea i've been consuming for the past few days really helps in preparing for delivery. Hold on baby please wait til i am done packing your hospital bag first! ^_^

Friday, 10 February 2017

Queen of Procrastination

I am officially the Queen of Procrastination.. dah 35 minggu preg, tapi tak belek pun lagi barang2 yg nak kena bawak pi hospital. Taktau kenapa kali ni mcm rilek semacam. Tapi tak la rilek pun, cuak gila sebenarnya. Lagi cuak dari masa nak beranak Fateh dulu, awat ntah la. Maybe sebab dah go through 2x pengalaman beranak, dah macam2 tahu, dan dah macam2 belajar, so anticipation tu yg buatkan rasa lagi cuak kot? Welcome to third baby syndrom - Thats what Shaz said lol! And trust me, there's a lot of "What Ifs" in my head now..

My 36th week check up is just next week, and during the last check up (a week ago) baby is already weighing 2.2kg, slightly small-ish but its still within accepted development range. Baby is not fully engaged yet and water bag is still thick. Means there's still room for him to move tapi harap2 dia tak buat somersault berpusing dan tetiba jadi breech dah hujung2 pregnancy. Oh noes mintak simpang :D

I have been busy with another "newborn" by the way - Nuhaabotanicals. To be honest, I wanted to be the main brand, and there are few mini brands under it. But things didnt go as planned, perhaps I didnt plan it correctly, but Allah definitely knows best. Well, i dont want to dwell so much on it, but to focus on NB. At least I love what I am doing now, and enjoying every bit of it. From the branding, packaging, the range of products - I love everything natural and EO - and I am now channeling what I know and good at to something useful. Ewah.

But coming up with products, concept, branding, promotion, marketing is aint easy, as I am doing it all by myself. Not that I am complaining, but the progress has been a wee bit slow since its a one (wo)man show. But of course hubs has been playing his great role thus far - a very dedicated chaffeur, and delivery boy ever since we got married. Cant thank him enough for that!

Anyway, maybe I should channel my focus to birthing my 3rd boy soon and put NB aside for a while. But I'm sure I'd feel bad towards my dropshippers since I will be on hiatus for at least a month after delivery. I hope their sparks, and motivation wont fade by the time I am back in biz again soon :)

Cant wait to meet my baby, but at the same time I am nervous as hell! Dear Allah, please make it easy for me, as easy or maybe easier than the second delivery. Ameen..

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

live a life and leaving this life with an impact that matters..

I've been reading (and hearing) about so many death news lately, most of them are not related to me, total strangers, including the Syrian children - of which I don't have the heart to watch, or read about them anymore. Not that I don't care, but I cared too much that I hate myself for not being able to do anything for them but sending my doa across. Those sweet faces of small children are already etched in my heart.

Then there's this guy blogger who writes about how beautiful, strong and brave his wife who was battling with Stage 4 cancer - they got married last year, and of all days, Allah has decided to take his wife's life on their first anniversary. Its really heartbreaking reading how they endured the big C journey together, having to travel between KL and London back and forth, and finally back in KL just 2 months before the wife took her last breath.

Obviously I don't know this lovely couple, but I felt like I have known them close enough that I was really moved when I know about the passing of the wife. Thanks to his sweet husband for always writing and sharing all the good things about their journey together, their ups and downs, and without them or he knowing, he taught us so much about life. And reading the wife's entries has somehow reminded me that Allah is near, and we dont need to depend on anyone but Him. How odd (yet beautiful) it is to be reminded by a total stranger, who have left so much impact on other people through writings.

Of all skills, I wish I was a better writer. I am not good in writings, nor a good reader. I don't really know how to express my feelings, some may see me as a narcissist, but deep inside, I am not, I am just not good with my expressions. I wish I could pour out and inspire people through my writings, if not everyone, perhaps at least my kids would be proud having me as their mom. But looking at how I treat them now, I am far from reaching to that stage. I am not a good mom, nor a good wife. I lack here, there and everywhere. But it's never to late to improve. And don't we wish our life today is better than yesterday? That's why we call today as "present" and yesterday as history :)

Its beautifully weird isn't it, crying over a death of someone you don't know, coz you wish when you die, you'd leave an impact to everyone else too. The question now is, how? And is it possible? Would people still pray for you when you're gone? Would people still leave a message on your socmed profile telling you they miss you when you are no longer around? I don't know if the life I am living now would make everyone miss having me around, but I really hope my family will.

We don't have much time, and we don't know how much time left we have. I vouch to live a life and leaving this life with an impact. How about you?

Friday, 18 November 2016

Taman Tropika 2 Townhouse

Again, we are looking for tenant for our semi-furnished apartment in Taman Tropika 2, Bangi. The previous tenant, a Datuk and Datin loving couple, decided to move to Melawati since Datuk has got a permanent job elsewhere. So susah dan jauh dia nak commute kalau dia stay kat Bangi. Datin tu pun boring duduk rumah sesorang bila Datuk tu pi kerja sbb sebelum tu Datuk tu kerja macam 'on call' basis je, bukan permanent. But they are our best tenant ever, the easiest to deal with, and the most tak berkira. So sad we had to bid goodbye to them after 6 months.

Now our apartment has been vacant for almost 2 months. We prefer married couple with or without kids, since we have invested in kitchen wardrobe electrical peripherals - fridge, washing machine, water heater and so on. Sayang ok rumah tu, kalau lah kerja kat Putrajaya, memang nak duduk sendiri je situ. Tapi apakan daya, kerja kat klcc, jauh pulak nak berkelana pi kerja hari2.

If you know someone looking for a place to stay near Bangi, please contact me at 019-3942295 or Amirul 019-3418696.

House Info:
- 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms
- 834 sf
- washing machine
- fridge
- 2 seater sofa
- aircond
- kitchen stove
- water heater
- astro cable
- house grille

- Surau, multipurpose hall, children playground (betul2 depan rumah)
- smart access card system
- guardhouse at single entry
- 5 mins to GMI
- walking distance to:
1.2 km to UKM komuter
2.9km to UKM
900m to Sekolah Rendah Al Amin
5km to Bangi Gateway

- easy access via major highways
- 35km to KLCC
- 3km to Bandar baru bangi
- 7km to Kajang town via jalan reko
- 15km to Putrajaya
- 20km to Cyberjaya
- 45km to KLIA/KLIA 2

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Syncope / Vasovagal Attack

I suddenly fainted, and lost consciousness and almost had mild seizure last Saturday. Masa tu baru balik dari pasar, tetiba je on the way balik kepala rasa kebas gila, blurred vision, makin lama mata makin tak nampak. Masa tu atas moto, badan rasa makin lemah, dah mengucap dan baca ayat qursi dalam hati sbb dah tak mampu nak buka mulut. Nasib baik elok je sampai rumah dah park motor, baru kena attack dan kaki menggelupur dan terus mcm kena sawan tarik sbb kaki kejang. Masa ni mmg tak sedar apa. Nasib baik moto tu ada box kat belakang. Kalau takde box mmg dah terbalik ke bawah ntah apa la jadi pulak.

Nasib baik suami sempat angkat masuk rumah, lepas 2 min baru sedar. Tp langsung tak boleh angkat jari pun sbb i was gasping for air. Muka, jari tgn dan kaki dah jadi biru. Masa tu boleh dgr family dah panik dan picit badan sana sini, tp tak boleh respond. Dlm hati tak henti mengucap sbb rasa mcm dah nak putus nyawa. Bila dah boleh cakap sikit, saya cakap "takut" kat hasben. Allah. Masa tu rasa mcm eh dah nak mati ke ni, mcm dunia lain dah.

Lepas saya dah sedar lg skit after few min, rush ke hosp. Doc buat semua test, ecg, blood pressure, blood sugar, urine, reflex, semua ok. Tinggal ct scan je tak leh buat sbb pregnant. Had to stay one night at the hosp sbb doc nak monitor. So bila discharge, doc ckp saya kena syncope/vasovagal, which may be due to stress.

Syncope is the formal medical term for fainting, describing a temporary loss of consciousness due to a sudden decline in blood flow to the brain. Syncope can be caused by numerous things. Some forms of syncope are fairly benign, while other forms can indicate serious health problems. After a syncopal episode, an individual may be temporarily unconscious, but will revive and slowly return to normal. Syncope can occur in otherwise healthy people and affects all age groups, but occurs more often in the elderly.

Vasovagal (situational) syncope is one of the most common types which may occur in response to any of a variety of triggers, such as scary, embarrassing or uneasy situations, during blood drawing, or moments of sudden unusually high stress. There are many different syncope syndromes which all fall under the umbrella of vasovagal syncope related by the same central mechanism, such as urination ("micturition syncope"), defecation ("defecation syncope"), and others related to trauma and stress.

Memang ada few occasions lately yg buat saya jd super stress beyond my limit. Tp tu lah kena belajar banyak2 bersabar. Jadikan pengalaman saya sbg pengajaran. Harap2 takde kawan yg kena mcm saya.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ayam Masak Mak Kau Hijau

Walaupun dah masuk 4 bulan pregnant, mulut ni masih payau sesikit. Masih tak berapa lalu lagi nak makan nasik sangat. Kesian kat mak, kekadang masak kita hanya mampu tengok, tak mampu nak telan. Tapi bila paksa gak telan, dapat gak la makan 5-6 suap nasik. Sampai berat pun turun 800g. Tapi tak pelik, sebab dua2 kali pregnant sebelum ni pun sama kekdahnya. Bulan ke-4 onwards baru berat naik sikit2.

Tapi dalam bebanyak lauk, lauk sambal hijau jer yang boleh telan dengan jayanya. (Last update blog hari tu pun pesto pasta, pun kaler hijau! hahaha). Taktau pasai pa, hari tu kemain lagi makan nasik kat Restoran Garuda kat Kg Baru, tapi letak sambal hijau dengan daging kering je. Lauk lain tak makan. Masa tu baru dapat cahaya di hujung terowong, yang tekak ni hanya boleh terima lauk sambal hijau. Maka kalau terasa lapar nasik, haruslah cari lauk sambal hijau.

Last Friday me and my boss pegi makan kat Restoran Warisan Tunku kat Bukit Tunku. Sedap gak lauk2 kat situ, cukup rasa dan sedap macam makan kat rumah. Tak kedekut ingredient, its a quaint little shop but always full. Masuk tu dah kali ketiga kami makan sana. Disebabkan masa first time pergi tu boss makan ayam sambal hijau dan dia cakap sedap, maka last Friday tu saya pun teringat dan terus ajak boss pi makan sana. Padahal plan asal nak pi makan kat TTDI, tapi sbb hari Jumaat adalah hari yang paling disaster nak bawak kereta time lunch, kami pun divert ke Bukit Tunku. Terbukti memang sedap :D

So masa lunch semalam tu dah cakap siap2 kat boss, hari ni nak masak lauk sama. Nasib la tekak ni tak jemu lagi sambal hijau, kalau tak jenuh gak la nak cari lauk apa yang menyelerakan lagi pasni. Pagi tadi lepas pegi pasar, balik rumah terus masak. Tak susah pun lauk ni, antara yang paling simple dan kalau masak confirm jadi punya sebab senang sangat. Cewah haha.

- Potongan ayam
- Garam & kunyit
- Minyak masak
- tomato hijau (optional)
- bawang besar potong bulat (optional)
- rempah ratus (kayu manis, pelaga, bunga lawang, cengkih)
- serai ketuk
- daun pandan

Bahan blend
- 10 biji cili hijau
- 5-6  biji cili padi (kalau nak pedas tambah la lagi)
- 6 biji bawang merah
- 3 biji bawang putih
- 2 inci halia

Cara masak
1. Perap ayam dengan garam dan kunyit
2. Goreng sampai separuh masak atau masak terus (saya suka masak terus) dan ketepikan
3. Buang sedikit minyak yang digoreng ayam tadi, masukkan daun pandan dan serai, dan rempah ratus, masak sampai wangi
4. Masukkan bahan blend, masak sampai pecah minyak, dan masukkan ayam dan gaul hingga berpalit. Tambah air kalau suka berkuah.
5. Masukkan bawang besar yang dipotong bulat dan tomato hiris (optional)
6. Makan pepanas dengan nasi putih.

Ha senang tak senang la kan. Menu malas namanya ni. Tapi fulfilling dan sedap.

*blog ni dah jadi blog resepi ke cane? :p

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken

Kekdahnya time2 baru nak melepasi 1st trimester ni la baru ada selera sikit nak makan. Tapi nasi masih tak lalu sangat. Masa pregnantkan Fahri dgn Fateh pun sama, kemain la selera bebudak ni. So yang ketiga ni pun lebih kurang (so it might be a boy, again?) Takpa, another month to go before baby reveal gender dia. Whatever your gender is, I dont mind, as long as you are born healthy and fine :)

Berbalik kepada cerita makanan. The past 3 months has been a real challenge to me. Sebabnya asyik lapaq tapi tak selera. Tapi nasib baik gak lah tak muntah bagai. Loya tu ada, cuma tak teruk. Bila tak lalu nasik, mula la cari pizza, pasta, roti. Weh kemain tekak mat saleh tak padan dgn bontot hitam haha. Tapi kulayankan je lah tekak ni, daripada kebuluran.

Dalam banyak2 pasta, dulu kala memang tak lalu langsung tengok pasta hijau. Sebabnya tak berapa suka sayur hijau. Tapi bila dah tua ni, dah reti sikit makan sayur. Rasanya baru few times dalam hidup makan pasta pesto, sekali makan terus jatuh chenta. Sedap gak rupanya walaupun macam kaler rumput. Kalau beli kat kedai, mau sepinggan tak kurang RM15 sebab bahan2 pesto agak mahal ye kawan-kawan. Kalau ikutkan, resepi yg sedap kena guna pine nuts. Kat msia ni mana ada pokok pine uols, harus la import, dan harga barang import insya Allah tak murah.

Pernah sekali try buat pesto sauce sendiri, mampuih tak sedap. Rasa mcm tak cukup bahan, taktau la tang mana yang silap, tapi mmg tak sedap la. Lesson learnt, kali ni kita beli jer lah pesto sauce buatan mat saleh. Confirm sedap. So bila masak pun konfiden skit rasa, sbb dah tau mesti sedap punya haha.
So malam tadi kita pun buat la pesto pasta dgn grilled chicken, setelah beberapa bulan beli pesto sauce tu. Lambat betui nak sampai seru. Mai sini nak share resepi.

- 2 boneless chicken
- 3 ulas garlic (sliced)
- 1 biji bawang besar (onion), choppped
- store bought pesto sauce
- pasta (cooked until al dente)
- salt & pepper
- tomato kecik
- broccoli
- serbuk parmesan

Cara Memasak:
1. Rebus pasta sampai masak, ikut la berapa banyak nak makan, pastu toss dan drain kan.
2. Marinate ayam dengan salt & black pepper, biar kejap, pastu bakar sampai masak dan ketepikan (saya guna magic pan je)
3. Panaskan api, saute garlic dan chopped onion sampai wangi
4. Masukkan pesto sauce, masak kejap atas api, dan masukkan broccoli dan masak kejap.
5. Masukkan pasta dan gaul semua sampai rata.
6. Masukkan tomato (halved) dan last sekali taburkan serbuk parmesan, dan gaul sekali lagi.
7. Potong ayam dan hidang, makan tanpa was-was.

Senang kan? Tak payah order kat kedai dah, mahai nak mampuih. Pasni boleh buat sendiri, kos sepinggan pesto pasta kat kedai hipstur dah boleh cover untuk dinner 5 orang :D