Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Alfatihah Ami Schaheera & MH370

Too many heartbreaking news lately. first it was the disappearance of MAS flight 370 on 8th March, en route to Beijing, which my cousin's husband was on board. Then on 24th March (17 days later) Najib announced with heavy heart that the plane "ended" somewhere in Southern Corridor, about 2000km away from Perth. No one would ever imagined that such tragic yet mysterious disappearance would ever happened.

Last night, I learnt about the passing of Ami Schaheera, a famous fashion blogger who fought cancer since 2010. I am not that close with her, but I was close with his husband, Naz back in my uni days then. We lost contact and somehow Ami and Naz contacted me again to capture their wedding moments, that was when I was still doing photo job. And 2 years ago I had lunch with Ami and Emmy at KLCC. Ami was a trendsetter and had outstanding fashion sense and always dared to wear something other people don't!

I'm just lost for words thinking how sad it must be for those people who lost their beloveds. But the good side of having long-term sickness like leukemia, cancer and those sorts of sickness is that at least you know that you don't have much 'time' and you would live your life as much as possible the way you want it. Unlike the rest of us, we always take things for granted and think that we are always healthy and procrastinate our repentance. There is no assurance that we would live until we reach our 60s or even 90s and death is inevitable. Mati itu pasti, akhirat itu realiti.

I believe Naz has taken good care of Ami since they got married, he even took unpaid leave to take care of her, cooked for her, cared for her. Masya Allah, Allah has given Ami abundance of rezeki even she her life was short. She has touched many hearts and everyone is praying for her. That, makes me think of my ending. Would my family and friends make doa for me when I die? Would people be talking good or bad about me when Im gone? Sigh.

Let's live our life to the fullest and lets not take our beloved for granted for you might not know when you will be gone, or vice versa.

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  1. who will cry when u die.. selalu terngiang2 bila lalu depan kubur kat rumah masa otw balik opis.