Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Challenging week!

This week has been one of the most challenging weeks for me coz today I accidentally left my phone in a cab while i was on my way to the hospital for monthly check up with my haematologist, and as expected, no one picked up until the battery died (ok screw you who took my phone i hope your hand will rot in hell).

I once could never imagined having lost all conversations in whatsapp coz I keep all my clients details and orders in whatsapp for communication and payment tracking purposes. Its like my second life! And to my dismay today is the very unfateful day that I lost my blardy phone. I have always been procrastinating to do back ups and this is the price I have to pay. Well I don't really care if the phone is lost or missing (ok I lied) but its the data and info that in the phone that is far more important and meaningful to me :(

And of all times, I lost my phone today - while I am actually refurbishing my one and only house that I'm planning to rent it out soon - and to date I have spent close to RM7k (and counting). Ok, there MUST be a hikmah or reason behind all these, perhaps Allah wants to teach me to be more patient and grateful. Now I must find ways to limit my spending since I have to buy a new godeng phone, while spending a damn whole lotta money on my new house - how's that possible eh? 

The blood test result today was as expected - that i have chronic ITP, which I already knew since years ago. Doc had to transfused 6 packs of platelet right after I gave birth to Fahri 4 years ago, and I foresee this time around I would have to go through the same procedure again. I hope that I wont be facing any difficulties or haemorage (dunno how to spell btw) when I deliver my second baby soon. Oh Allah please have mercy and make it easy for me :(

Aaaaand to make things worse I couldn't really focused on the online test I had to sit today, right after the hospital visit coz I was so not in the mood and the surrounding was not really 'supportive'. Too many 'external factors' hindered me from focusing on the test but I can now only hope for the best result. Ameen.

But after all that happened, I'm still grateful that i am still alive and breathing, and I can still publish my rant here.

*korek tabung nak beli henpon baru

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