Sunday, 2 March 2014

Customised Baby Girl/Boy Name Poster - get it from Printype!

I have been terribly busy with my office work and my weekends are either full with activities or fully utilised with house chores. Hence, the less frequent blog updates. Sigh. My daily routine is getting more and more stagnant, but I am not complaining though - hey at least I got something to do. I'm not the type who likes to lazying around and do nothing, that's just so not me :)

So, since I had few hours of free time today, I managed to design two more posters for printype - this time it's customised baby girl/boy posters - you can hang it on the wall of your kids room or place it on your workstation. The size is is 8" x 10" but I can customise the size according to client's requirement.

To purchase, simply place your order in Etsy or those who do not have Etsy account you can email me at printypecompany(a) :)