Thursday, 13 March 2014

The mysterious dissapearance of MH370

To be honest, I hate flying. I really really hate flying. I love travelling but I hate flying. I wish I can time travel so I dont have to take the plane to go places.

Yes, I'm a nervous flyer. My hands would get all sweaty throughout the flight, even if it takes 13 hours to reach the destination. The minute I go into the plane I would just keep my mouth shut, and say all the prayers I know. Sometimes I would skip few meals coz I dont feel like eating every time I fly. That's how nervous I'd be every time I fly.

To make things worse, now the whole world is on Malaysia on the disappearance of flight MH370 en route to Beijing from KL. One can never imagine or even crossed his/her mind that how could a very high-tech Boeing-777 could simply go undetected and today is the 6th day and 12 countries are helping Malaysia to find the plane. So many conspiracies and theories as well as stupid shamans trying to take advantage out of it but what saddened me the most is that my second cousin's husband was on board the flight, and still nowhere to be found. No news, nothing at all. Can u imagine losing someone like that? I cant.

Malaysia Airlines is one of the world's best airline when it comes to Safety, no doubt. I have flown with few airlines but I still prefer MAS, well maybe Im bias coz im Malaysian :) the hospitality shown and the service is way beyond expectation, and u get what u pay for. Even if I had to fly again, Id certainly choose MAS, despite what had happened.

Whatever happened to the flight, let's just pray for MH370. Im getting sick and tired of all the hoaxes and rumours and even the news/updates that we are getting contradicting from one day to another. I just hope that if the plane was hijacked, all the people on board are safe, and if it plunged in the sea, the search and rescue team would be able to find the wreckage. Insya Allah.

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