Monday, 12 May 2014

New Digital Files in Etsy :)

I love to browse all things pretty in my free time (free la sangat) and get some inspirations for my Etsy shop, Printype. And that justifies my 2 newly-added posters in my online shop since I was so inspired to design few posters after browsing Pinterest. Man, I could spend hours there!

And what makes me the happiest on my birthday today is that I already have one poster sold today! Yeaaaaaaaayyy!! *pats own back* It is not much though, only USD5/poster but to me its already an achievement, since the market in Etsy is already saturated. So many creative people selling good stuff there and everywhere else, which sometimes could be really demotivating.

What I love about Etsy is that you can publish your artwork and you have the option to sell it printed, or just digital files. But one thing about digital file is that, the buyers can claim that the artwork is theirs and sell it anywhere else. You can't control this though (even if you put 10 pages of copyrights statement), you HAVE to trust them buyers that they won't do that - cross fingers! There are few things that I need to sort out before I could get my posters printed and delivered to every part of the world - so many things to consider - especially the postage rate and method. I've promised myself that I'll look into it once my baby is born :)

Let's hope I'd be able to develop more posters or even provide prints in the future. Insha Allah.

Here's a few more digital files I've created:

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