Tuesday, 6 May 2014


There's this small lump on my left palm that's been quite a nuisance lately. I noticed the lump long time ago, but the swelling is becoming more painful lately that I decided to pay the orthopaedic (whatever the spelling is) a visit. So there I was, waited for my turn for almost 2 hours (this is PCMC mind you, not some public hospitals) and I couldn't stand anymore and asked the nurse, how much longer I need to wait. Then she called me in less than 5 mins and said the doc is ready to meet me. I should have asked her much earlier.

can u spot the swelling?

I met Dato' Dr. Badrul, an orthopaedic specialist, and told him my probs. (I think he looks like my music lecturer in MMU). He advised me to do ultrasound scan with Dr Sumitra there and then and see him again shortly after. Ok yeah so i waited to see him for almost 2 hours and met him for 5 mins and next thing I know I had to wait for 30 more minutes for Dr Sumitra to do ultrasound scan on my palm. Great. Oh by the way Dr Sumitra was the one who scanned and found a 5-cm cyst in my tummy in 2009 and proposed it to be removed. I don't think she remembers me though. OK that's another story.

She was attentive enough and answered all my queries, but most of my questions were unrelated to her. Haha. She explained the difference in the colors of the scanning that appeared on the screen, and told me that the massive yellow spots indicate lesion and normally characterised by increased number of normal or abnormal vessels filled with blood. (Whoa, I sound like a specialist now).

radiologist report

I went back to see Dr Badrul and he informed me that it could be haemangioma, something like a harmless benign and referred me to check further with one of the hand surgeons next week since its not under his area of expertise. Ok, one specialist after another, I must be utilising my medical benefit really well this year :p Dr Badrul said that the most that they could do is to perform a minor surgery to remove the lump but I don't think its the right time now since baby's coming and its not that painful unless the swelling gets bigger.

Perhaps I should wait after the baby pops out and check if its still swelling, and perform solat hajat to check if I REALLY need to remove it. You know, needles and me we are not fond of each other.

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