Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Sesungguhnya takde ibu dalam dunia ni yang tak risau kalau anak2 dia jatuh sakit, kecuali ibu gila. The past 2 weeks has been crazy and frantic, since both my padawans have been down with cough, flu and fever. Well you know what people say, "great" things come in package ey?

When my kids fall sick, thats when I voluntarily or rather "subliminally" transform myself into a shaman - segala natural remedies akan dicuba. I am not a big fan of meds - but I dont totally ditch meds, I do take meds and I do give my kids meds - if its REALLY necessary. So the boys have been coughing and eventually Fahri, my eldest - being the most vulnerable, caught a fever just few days after his youngest brother  Fateh fell sick. I somehow am quite amazed with Fateh though. He's such a fighter. Must be the breast milk I suppose. And when I came to think about it, I feel bad coz I failed miserably in BF-ing Fahri.

Fahri's highest temp recorded was 40c when we brought him at the hospital. I couldnt wait and brought him to see doc 2 days after he fell sick since his temp seemed not to subside, even with numerous natural remedies - epsom salt bath, sponging, garlic socks, lemon socks, peppermint essential oil rubbed on armpit, bone broth, honey lemon syrup and what nots. The doc then gave supp pcm and we monitored his temp at home. Alhamdulillah he has fully recovered and back to his usual chirpy, active self now.

kembang2 hidung lepas masuk supp :D

On the other hand, Fateh is still coughing badly and percussion therapy doesnt really help - he would cringe and cry his lungs out. We have tried once though. Maybe I should rub habatusauda essential oil on his back, chest and feet every night and see how it goes. I have not been disciplined enough on this. Madu pun ada bagi, but hujung2 jari je since he's not even 1 yet. So masa kat hospital hari tu, Fateh kena neb. Its our first time btw, sbb Fahri tak pernah kena neb before. As expected, nangis satu hospital :D Lepas neb tu, dia batuk, ternampak macam ada kahak dah nak terkeluar dari mulut dia, pastu dia telan. Kalau camtu pun takpe, sebab nanti kahak tu tak masuk lungs. Haih get well soon ma bois!

Fateh pre-neb :D

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