Monday, 18 May 2015

Uber-Awesome Uber Experience!

Since Fahri dgn Fateh dedua pun tak sihat, so I decided to go to work a bit late coz I want to monitor Fahri's temp, mandikan dia, setel2 apa yang patut. Dah 3 hari dia demam panas, paling hebat semalam temp dia naik 40c kat hospital. Today dah masuk 3rd day dia demam, kalau by tonight temp spike naik 40c lagi memang kena bawak gi hospital ambik darah terus. Biasanya abah yang tolong hantar pegi LRT, tapi tadi since abah baru lelap, takmau la kacau dia, He needs his beauty sleep hehe.

So tadi teringat yang dulu pernah nak cuba Uber tapi tak jadi, so tadi first time try Uber, from house to KLCC. How does it work? Its simple. You just need to register yourself (as a passenger) with valid credit card details, and switch on Uber and any registered Uber driver nearest to you will come and pick you up to your destination. Once you arrive at your destination, the driver will click "End Destination" and the total fare will be charged to your registered credit card. Its cashless and very convenient. Tapi mahal sikit la, but it is much safer, and very convenient coz you can stop the driver along the way and even ask the driver to wait for you if suddenly you decide to stop to buy some durians and what nots. No kidding! The fares is calculated by the time x mileage. And how to save on the fares? Invite your friends to carpool! Senang kan.

The driver I got is a retiree from Subang, very chatty and I asked him about how he ended up being a private chaffeur. Dia cakap dok rumah bosan gila and very depressed, sbb wife still working n kids still schooling. He's driving brand new Suzuki Vitara, sangat bersih n comfortable. Dia cakap dalam 1-2 minggu if hes lucky he can get up to a thousand or two. Waaaa besnya! Bagus untuk orang yang dok rumah takde kerja taktau nak buat apa, baik jadi Uber driver kan. No wonder few of my frens mmg suka amik Uber dari naik teksi yang kekadang taknak pakai meter, dapat pulak cabbie muka banduan, pastu jalan ikut jalan jauh sbb nak over charge.

Nak cerita kat Raja kot2 dia interested nak jadi part-time Uber driver on weekends ;p
Thanks Uber for making my life easier today!

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