Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hello babies!

Wah double meaning sangat new babies haha. Well, as always, aside from busy being a mom and juggling between family and office matters, I have been busy "brewing" my new venture, I have put a loooooot of thought before deciding to go back into the fashion industry. As some of you might already know, I was one of the co-founders for Vanillarosekl (no longer in business). But since I didnt really put a proper plan, and due to some constraints, I had to put it a stop. Sad but life has to go on.

So after about a year of thinking and brainstorming, I finally launched, which is a shared business with Kak Asma, one of my (and husband's) friend back in BERNAMA. One year is a damn long time to think innit? I was so scared and so skeptical, I always had doubt but come to think of it, Im not getting any younger, and I have always loved fashion. I may not be good in business, but I like to sell, even my ideas, my creations. Life is too short to not do what you love doing right? So this time I'd just do it and hopefully I will do it right. Ameen..

On another note, I am now pregnant, but with recurring cyst. This time there's 2 cysts that grouped together and look like kitten's balls. Yup. The diameter is about 6cm, and its been 3 weeks since my last check up. I have been procrastinating to get my blood checked coz I was so fed up with the nurse at Klinik Primanora coz she pricked my left arm with a damn long needle but stream of blood only came out after she pulled out the needle. WTH right. So yeah I blame her for my procrastination hahaha. But jokes aside, this is no laughing matter. There's a living soul inside me, and I have to take care of him/her. I promise Ill get myself checked soon!

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