Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Just what I feel today.

I'm the type who gets easily inspired by ideas and people's achievements, that I tend to feel envy of the people behind the few brands that I love. But little that I, or we know that there are LOTS of obstacles that those people had gone through to be where they are today. Success doesn't come overnight, and money doesn't grow on trees. All we see posted in the socmed are only success stories, but less the burden, the hassle one has to go through before being where they are today.

So instead of being envious, I am more than motivated by people's achievement. But there's only one thing that hinders me from moving forward - I tend to do everything all at once, and lose focus. I stepped aside and looked back from people's perception towards me, this lady sure has lots of ideas, but she cant just stick to one! I was proud to say that I only sell the things that I like - arts and designs, perfumes, clothings but i forgot that FOCUS is key. I am now a Jack (or maybe Jane) of all trades, I am out of focus, coz I believed that people will love what I love - but I might be totally wrong. I have been focusing on things that I only like, and I didnt focus on what people want. So what do people really want? A solution to any of their problem. Simple.

And based on my postings in socmed, some of my friends thought that I can now be a homemaker, take care of my kids, and hire few people to run my business. OMG do I really have THAT kind of image?? HAHAHA funny gila weh. I don't do Spas, manicures, pedicures, I don't buy luxury goods, I can only afford Proton Exora, and a small quaint apartment in Bangi that I sublet, and I have 2 (going to 3) kids to feed, oh well, I can go on and on to justify my moderate, simple life, but some people perceive as if I am a taitai with 10 businesses who goes abroad on a routine basis, enjoying pina colada in a little straw hat in Tahiti or something. I wish people,  I DAMN WISH! HAHAHA!

Ah, that feels great. You know, the feeling of letting whatever you feel inside in writing. I am not much of a writer, I dont read books, yes I DONT. And I'm bad at expressing myself either, but somehow blogging feels just damn right to express my feelings. So many DAMNS in my writing today I better stop HAHAHA.

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