Monday, 5 September 2016

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Past business experience has taught me a lot in planning. But I am still bad at it. I'm not a good planner, I don't really know how to do a proper planning, as I'm more like a 'just-try-and-see-as-you-go' person. But I wish I can be a better planner though.. as I intend to grow this business further, hire more people, so they could benefit from me :)

So in a months time we have released 2 items for, first is Asmaa Abaya and the other one which is still in production is the Zahraa Long Cardigan, dua2 diinspirasikan dari Arab tapi berkonsepkan minimalis. Business has been ok, considering that we have just started since 8th of August, and to date we have about 23 dropshippers helping to promote our products. I kind of like the concept though, as you pay them some amount and they will do the marketing and sales for your brand. But not everyone is as interested as you are so we have to monitor their sales. But its not all bad though, I dont mind, really, as long as they do whatever we require them to do.

So while waiting for the cardigan to be ready, I designed 2 types of hijab for, one is long shawl (200cm x 70cm) and a square scarf (110cm x 110cm). I'm happy with the printing outcome, and also the fact that we finally have our own customised shawl! Only god knows how I have been yearning to have my own custom shawl for the past few years.. now its a dream came true :)

Penat gak la cari the best vendor who can quote the best price, its not easy, but its worthwhile. Cari tailor yang jahit tepi shawl pun tiring, sbb tak semua tailor accept nak jahit tepi satin silk shawl, dan kalau ada pun the rate is so expensive. But after few days of searching, I finally found a tailor with very2 reasonable tailoring rate and Im so happy with the quality. So today I'm donning the long shawl to work, and when I share my pic to our dropshippes, diorang yang tak sabar nak beli for themselves haha. But its all good kan, I take it as a positive reaction :D

Hello amoi at the back !
Please pray for my success, to be honest, I don't know whether I am doing this right, or is it the right thing to do now. Oh well. I'll just go with the flow, and see whats in store for me. But rezeki tak datang bergolek. I have been contemplating since last year to have a brand of my own, now that I'm doing it, Id better do it wholeheartedly. Come what may and please, pray for me!

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