Friday, 10 February 2017

Queen of Procrastination

I am officially the Queen of Procrastination.. dah 35 minggu preg, tapi tak belek pun lagi barang2 yg nak kena bawak pi hospital. Taktau kenapa kali ni mcm rilek semacam. Tapi tak la rilek pun, cuak gila sebenarnya. Lagi cuak dari masa nak beranak Fateh dulu, awat ntah la. Maybe sebab dah go through 2x pengalaman beranak, dah macam2 tahu, dan dah macam2 belajar, so anticipation tu yg buatkan rasa lagi cuak kot? Welcome to third baby syndrom - Thats what Shaz said lol! And trust me, there's a lot of "What Ifs" in my head now..

My 36th week check up is just next week, and during the last check up (a week ago) baby is already weighing 2.2kg, slightly small-ish but its still within accepted development range. Baby is not fully engaged yet and water bag is still thick. Means there's still room for him to move tapi harap2 dia tak buat somersault berpusing dan tetiba jadi breech dah hujung2 pregnancy. Oh noes mintak simpang :D

I have been busy with another "newborn" by the way - Nuhaabotanicals. To be honest, I wanted to be the main brand, and there are few mini brands under it. But things didnt go as planned, perhaps I didnt plan it correctly, but Allah definitely knows best. Well, i dont want to dwell so much on it, but to focus on NB. At least I love what I am doing now, and enjoying every bit of it. From the branding, packaging, the range of products - I love everything natural and EO - and I am now channeling what I know and good at to something useful. Ewah.

But coming up with products, concept, branding, promotion, marketing is aint easy, as I am doing it all by myself. Not that I am complaining, but the progress has been a wee bit slow since its a one (wo)man show. But of course hubs has been playing his great role thus far - a very dedicated chaffeur, and delivery boy ever since we got married. Cant thank him enough for that!

Anyway, maybe I should channel my focus to birthing my 3rd boy soon and put NB aside for a while. But I'm sure I'd feel bad towards my dropshippers since I will be on hiatus for at least a month after delivery. I hope their sparks, and motivation wont fade by the time I am back in biz again soon :)

Cant wait to meet my baby, but at the same time I am nervous as hell! Dear Allah, please make it easy for me, as easy or maybe easier than the second delivery. Ameen..

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